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Intuitive life Coach / Energy Healing / Theta Healing Practitioner / Artist.

Helping you develop your Intuition and Connection to the source.

For many years, my passion was to see people live their BEST life.

In the past five years of being a coach and practitioner teaching clients how to connect to divine light and connecting to their inner self. It has been an amazing experience to see someone wake up and take back their power…


On our journey, we can encounter a lot of situations and times in our life when we feel overwhelmed, emotional, lost, out of sorts, blocked or just looking for a new direction of being.


When something is not healed or taken care of, it’s wounded, hurting screaming out for love and acceptance, or even just wanting to be noticed.

This is where I can help – because I have been there.

Now you can stand in your power, be the person you always wanted to be, with ease, fun and excitement.

And have the life that you truly deserve!


 Unique Things About Me That Feeds My Soul. 

-Love learning art expression – ways to express myself through visual art storytelling. 

-Allowing plants and natural to heal my mind, body and soul.

-On a mission to zone out, while working out and training my body to be a stronger me.

-Just do it - if it's fun and it bring you joy...

-A lover of birds and bees.

-Truth seeker.

Some things you might experience during a session are;

  • Balance energy healing

  • Release of blocked emotions

  • Chakra balancing 

  • Heart opening feeling more love

  • Channelled messages from your guides and angels

  • Balancing your feminine & masculine energy

  • Grounding practices to ground your energy

  • Encounters with light-beings or loved ones who have crossed over.

  • And having much greater awareness.

Some of the benefits people receive;

  • Relaxed and stress-free

  • Heart opening feeling

  • Clarity & focus mindset

  • Enhancements of personal awareness

  • Release of blocks & suppressed feelings

  • Feeling balanced & calm

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Releasing emotional and physical pain

  • Releasing anxious and overwhelming feelings

  • Boosts creativity and productivity

  • Aids meditation & positive thinking

  • Sleeping better.

Who these sessions are for...

  • Anyone feeling stressed

  • Anyone feeling anxious and overwhelmed

  • Anyone feeling depressed or stopped

  • Struggle to meditate

  • Struggle with self-love

  • Having emotional pain

  • Want to follow their heart and intuition more

  • Want to bring forth and claim your power back in your life.

  • Want to enhance their relationships (whether that to be with themselves, their partner, kids or work relationships etc... Releasing the energy that is blocking you and holding you down.


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